Key Content’s SEO development package uses the latest search engine optimization techniques to positively influence your brand’s online presence. After your website has been thoroughly analysed by our team of SEO experts, we develop a strategy using the most efficient combination of search engine optimization methodologies, usability testing, journalistic expertise and online marketing to help boost public awareness of your brand, and significantly improve your website’s search engine ranking. Our SEO development package is tailor made according to specific needs of each of our clients and their target audiences.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimizations helps increase your online visibility

There are many factors taken into account when search engines determine the order in which websites should be placed in search results. Google, for instance, uses an algorithm featuring over 200 variables to establish the quality and relevance of a website. As the number of Internet users who rely on search engines such as Google increases, so too does the importance of maintaining a website that is search engine optimized.

Key Content’s SEO development package is designed to maximise your website’s search engine performance. Using the latest technologies and strategies to ensure a successful campaign, our team of SEO experts help clients develop their websites to their fullest potential in terms of attracting target audiences and meeting the demands of the latest search engine algorithms.

Our Services


The Key Content website analysis extensively covers all aspects of your website’s current SEO performance and provides you with a detailed report on what areas need to be improved. Specific recommendations are also provided on how best to implement these improvements.


Our extensive link building programme is both search engine friendly and hugely effective. Using only clean and trusted link building strategies, we improve your brand’s online visibility by placing links directing to your website on thematically relevant, high ranking webpages that provide genuine added value for the reader.


Using the latest software technology and taking care of all the factors that influence performance, our on-page SEO development team help you construct a flawless website in terms of content, structure, graphics, Metadata, formatting, tags, internal linking, technical coding and much more.


In addition to an extensive on-page programme, Key Content helps you develop an effective off-page SEO strategy to improve your search engine performance and attract more attention to your products and services. As with our link building procedures, only the safest and most trustworthy off-page SEO strategies are used during our campaigns.


Key Content’s SEO development team help improve your brand’s social media performance by devising, implementing and maintaining target audience specific campaigns in order to boost your visibility on social blogs and networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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