SEO: Graphical Features

SEO: Graphic Features

Graphical features are vital SEO tools that make your website attractive to search engines and users alike

Graphic features play an often underestimated role in a website’s content. Such content is actually an integral component, not just for Google; but for users. Images significantly improve a website’s appearance by breaking up content and providing a visual anchor for information. Studies demonstrate that websites with pictures and graphics attract user attention for longer – and as longer visits increase the likelihood of conversion, it is little wonder why graphical features are seen as such an important element of search engine optimization.

Graphical Features and Google

Graphical features are vital SEO tools that are often overlooked by webmasters. The problem, as they see it, is that Google can only recognise text, not pictures. Search engine do realise that there is a picture present on a webpage, but they are unable to establish the picture’s content. However, there are a number of easy steps you can take to counter this problem and help Google analyse your picture appropriately.

Tips for Implementing Graphical Features

In order to help search engines such as Google, you should provide your graphical feature with a file name that accurately describes the picture content. This title will appear when a user moves their cursor over the picture and provide a clear description of the content. A sensible title benefits users and search engines alike.

Programmers should also make use of the so-called “alt attribute” (a Meta attribute used when programming the website), which is the alternative text of the picture and also used describe the picture. However, the “alt attribute” requires more detail that the title and should also contain a keyword which is relevant to Google. For example:

<img src=”Graphical Feature.jpg” alt=”Graphical features are crucial for SEO”>

The “alt attribute” text will still be visible to search engines and users even if the picture cannot load for technical reasons. Moreover, the alt attribute is automatically read aloud to visually impaired people, which also benefits businesses looking to keep the attention of their visitors.

SEO: Graphical Features

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