SEO: PageRank

SEO: PageRank!

PageRank is a ranking system used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results.

PageRank is a ranking system used by Google to rank websites in their search engine results. When first developed, the PageRank algorithm revolutionised how search engines generated their results by introducing the concept of a website’s “authority”. Since Google’s introduction of PageRank, almost all other search engines have adopted the same or at least similar algorithm to calculate their own search results.

PageRank Authority

According to the original PageRank algorithm, a website’s authority was calculated using a number of different variables whereby popular and trusted domains were identified and their link patterns examined. As these identified sites were considered to be real authorities, Google determined that if these websites featured links to another website (website B), then website B would receive a piece of the original site’s authority. Consequently, if website B were to link to another site (website C), then website C would also receive a piece of the original website’s authority, albeit a much smaller piece. Using this system, Google could then calculate how much authority a website had and assign it a PageRank ranking of 0 to 10. This underlines the importance of developing an effective linking campaign when building your website.

How Important is PageRank?

In the early days of search engine optimisation, PageRank was the most important consideration for webmasters looking for success online. However, as new algorithms are developed and technologies advanced, the importance of PageRank has significantly declined over the years. Nonetheless, as many SEO specialists, link buyers, webmasters, online marketers, and ecommerce sites still use a PageRank scores to establish the quality of a website, PageRank results still have a role to play in the online world.

How to Improve Your PageRank

The only way to improve a website’s PageRank is to attract links from website that are already highly ranked. However, webmasters must keep in mind that one link from a highly ranked website carries more authority than many links obtained from low ranked websites. For example, a single link from a website with a PageRank of 6 can immediately boost your site to a PageRank 5 if the linking website is trusted by Google doesn’t feature a large number of links to other websites.

SEO: PageRank

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